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There are a few people I should thank for various reasons. My deepest gratitude is extended to the following...

Mum, Dad and Alex for always being there for me. I am lucky to have such a great family.

The guys and gals from the Mars Society, Mars Society Australia, Mars Settlement Research Organisation and Space Development Steering Committee, who have all been brilliant. The book has benefited greatly from the insightful feedback, enthusiasm, support, sharp intellects and visionary imaginations of fellow areophilic scientists, engineers, artists and space revolutionaries.

Jonathan Clarke and David Willson, President and Vice President respectively of Mars Society Australia, for helping me with several aspects of the architecture and encouraging me when I needed it. Thanks especially to Jon who suggested the excellent location of Lyot.

William Mook and Adam Crowl for helping with the rocket science, Dava Newman for answering my questions about the BioSuit, James Fesmire from the Cryogenics Test Laboratory at NASA KSC, who helped with my questions about multilayer insulation, Drago Ilas for his useful delta-V map of the Solar System, and Tom Gangale for his creative insights into efficient Earth-Mars communications.

The organisers of TEDx Noosa 2014 for allowing me the opportunity to present this idea.

My awesome proofreaders and friends who provided such valuable feedback: Jonathan Clarke, Claire Lentz, Rob Parker, Conrad Steenkamp, Babak Shakuri, Pekka Lehtikoski, Isaac Arthur, Andrew McKeikan and Tom Gangale.

And last, but definitely not least, the luminaries of the Mars movement from whom I have drawn so much inspiration: Dr Robert Zubrin, Dr Christopher McKay, Kim Stanley Robinson, Elon Musk, and other great teachers and leaders. Without your shining light and vision, I might not have seen nor believed.