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Thanks for reading my humble book :) I hope you enjoyed it.

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I also hope you will feel inspired to help with ongoing development of this dream of colonising another world. You may like to join the Mars Society, Mars Settlement Research Organisation, Explore Mars, or any of the other great space, Moon and Mars communities, where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded visionaries of all ages.

Ultimately we are all brothers and sisters on this truly noble, spiritual, evolutionary and revolutionary quest to expand into space and develop this exciting new chapter of human history. There are few things we can do that will produce a greater benefit for our species and Earth. And we will do it.

Together, we can make humanity multiplanetary.

The author with Athena concept sketch
The author with Athena concept sketch (Credit: Rob Wibaux)

Have a great day! Or, if you’re reading this on Mars - have a great sol!

Shaun Moss

March 2015

= From Mars to the Stars =